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125ml Reed Essential Oil Diffuser

125ml Reed Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • Cruelty Safe
  • 100% Pure
  • GC/MS Tested

Experience the harmonious blend of aroma and design with our "Blossom Harmony 125ml Reed Essential Oil Diffuser." This exquisite diffuser offers two captivating scents: the enchanting Rose Oolong and the alluring Jasmine Osmanthus. With its compact size and elegant presence, this diffuser effortlessly infuses your space with the delicate beauty of nature's fragrances.

Key Features:

  1. Elegant Design: Our diffuser's timeless design seamlessly integrates into any space, adding a touch of sophistication while elevating your decor.

  2. Efficient Diffusion: With a capacity of 125ml, the diffuser provides a lasting diffusion of your chosen scents, enveloping your surroundings in captivating fragrances.

  3. Dual Scents: Enjoy the best of both worlds with two distinct scents—Rose Oolong and Jasmine Osmanthus—offering a versatile range of fragrance experiences.


  1. Rose Oolong: Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of Rose Oolong, a fragrance that combines the timeless elegance of rose with the soothing notes of oolong tea, creating an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

  2. Jasmine Osmanthus: Elevate your senses with the alluring scent of Jasmine Osmanthus, a fragrance that entwines the delicate beauty of jasmine and the exotic charm of osmanthus, bringing a sense of tranquility and enchantment to your space.


  • Dual Fragrance Experience: Switch between the captivating scents of Rose Oolong and Jasmine Osmanthus, allowing you to tailor your ambiance to your mood and preferences.

  • Elegance in Compact Form: With its sophisticated design and compact size, the diffuser becomes an elegant addition to any room, enhancing your decor while elevating your olfactory experience.

  • Thoughtful Gifting: Share the joy of fragrant luxury by gifting the "Blossom Harmony 125ml Reed Essential Oil Diffuser" to loved ones who appreciate the finer things in life.

Indulge in the beauty of aroma and design with the "Blossom Harmony 125ml Reed Essential Oil Diffuser." Allow Rose Oolong and Jasmine Osmanthus to create a scented haven that resonates with your emotions and desires. Elevate your space, uplift your spirits, and discover the transformative power of fragrance.

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